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Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Glove of Truth (0b2)
Originally uploaded by celesteh.

Hey folks, I'm playing in San Francisco tonight in the Edgetone Summit. Show starts at 8PM at the SF Community Music Center on 544 Capp Street. X-street is 20th. I've been informed this is directly in between 16th St BART and 24th St BART, only one block of of Mission. Also, very conveniently located if you want to purchase illicit drugs or sex on the way. Save a Hamilton for the $10 admission, though.

Polly Moller and I will be doing a work for lie detector. So think up some yes or no questions to put to Polly. Has she ever cheated on her taxes? Does she still beat her dog? If terrorists were going to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge unless she fellated Dick Cheney, would she do it?

I'll be moderating, so if something is in bad taste, I will smack you down!

There are some other exciting people on the bill also. The summit goes on all week.

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