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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Back in London

As i type, i'm riding the tube towards xena's kennel to retrieve her. I'm sure she will be much relieved at her release.

I don't recall what i last blogged in california and i won't have internet until friday. The big news is that i'm due to become an uncle next december! I went to visit my brother and his wife on sunday. It's kind of stupid to fly to oregon just for dinner, but, in this case, well worth it. Elizabeh is looking well, even if plagued with morning sickness to an exceptional degree.

I also saw my dad. He brings up my ttansition fairly often when we talk, which i guess is a good sign. He refers to it as 'this thing you're doing.' I'm not sure how much i want to talk about it with my family, but i was glad to learn my dad has been talking with the mother of an mtf.

I love my family, but, i dunno, i feel pretty uncomfortable around them lately. This is really unfair of me. I should give them a chance. Things didn't go so well with them when i first came out as queer, but that was 18 years ago. We've all changed a lot in the meantime. My brother and i were kids then, but not now and that's an important difference. Also, membership has changed through death and marriage (and soon via birth).

I never get to see everybody when i come home, alas. It's always too short. Therefore, i would like to encourage you all to register to vote and then cast a ballot for Obama. If McCain gets elected, all my trips back will be short stays. But don't do it for me. Do it because attacking iran is a disasterous idea.

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