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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Shall i compare thee?

Was it Shakespeare who wrote, "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more temprate and more sweet."? It was some Brit. Frankly, if somebody from London or the Midlands said that about me, i'd be fairly displeased. Shall i compare you to summer in san frabcisco? You're just like Ocean Beach on a cold day in June.

I'm glad I got a couple of weeks in Berkeley, Oakland and the South Bay. Anyway, that's my quota for whining about the weather. Life is hard for expats from Camelot. "It rains after 10:00am!"

I'm nearly unpacked. Alas, my landlord's furniture has the dual disadvantages of being large but unroomy inside in addition to being already full of his stuff. There also seems to be something of a moth issue. I wonder how to discourage them without permeating my clothes  with the smell of pesticides. Clothing-type moths are new to me. My previous experience  is mostly with the sort that want to lay eggs in my rice. (Beware the segmented rice grains that move!) The anwer to that is airtight containers- but this seems inapplicable to my duvet- or would seem inapplicable if i could find a place to put it.

You may be wondering how i manage to post these vitally important missives. There's an open wifi network which reaches a nearby park. Picture me with a little PDA, standing in the rain while a highly impatient dog strains desperately against her leash towards a tree barely a meter out of reach.

Um, anyway, it's easier to post than browse or get email. I can blahblahblah ahead of going out, like putting a message in a bottle. But i don't have offline mail reading.  I don't know what's going on in my city. So I'm having a week or so of relative solitude. Like, even more than normal. I wonder if my life would be easier if i just never went home. But: This will all pay off somehow. And soon. Or else i can just go buy a Time Out or something. Heh. In the mean time, Python tutorials!

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