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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Life, Dating

What would I say in a personal ad?

I'm looking for a poorly defined poly relationship or 12 with bad boundaries and low emotional investment.

He or she is between the ages of 25 - 50, can pay their own way, enjoys snogging, is politically progressive, musically adventurous, some interest in technology.

I'm an FTM from California, aquarius, vegetarian, messy, needy, prone to anxiety and depression, but have a cute dog and can offer mixed messages, sex, sex, and sex, plus will demand hugs and try to drag hir to free improv shows. I may also email hir inexplicable mp3s and/or try to get feedback on musical works in progress.

Let's have something extremely short term followed by weeks of awkwardness!

Location: London

. . . .

My shrink told me to "calm down" today. I've traveled enough to know that baggage around people's accents or languages is mostly silly. But her accent makes her sound so competent. It was like ebing told by the BBC to remain calm and carry on. Ok, I can do that.

Um, on other news, I think that I'm going back to injecting once every 3 weeks, as this last week has been crap. Also, I'm kind of tired of being tranzilla. I'm like super trannie. I go to trans bars. I go to trans community events. I talk to gender queer people. I worry about injections. It's all trans all the time. If I were just coming out as gay, I would be wearing rainbow-striped jumpers at this point, with this level of involvement.

So, um, other things. I'm writing music with samples of a trans rights rally I went to. . .. And I decided that what it needed was a good bassline. And the way to make a good bass line is to analyze tuning ratios and figure out what's consonant in an arbitrary scale and then do stepwise motion around consonant pitches. Samples will be forthcoming in a future post.

(Please note that I am not referencing any real people in this post aside from myself and my shrink.)

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