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Friday, 21 November 2008

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. Once a year, there’s a candle-light vigil for every transgender person around the world in the previous year who was killed in a hate crime. Alas, there is never a shortage of names on the list. Shakesville has a list and some other background information in a thoughtful post.

One thing she mentions is that often, the killers of trans people, if they’re even brought to trial, try a “trans panic” defense, where they claim that discovering the other person was transgender was just so traumatic that murder is acceptable. It's the old "gay panic" defense, resurrected. In Philadelphia, in just August of this year, in the 21st century, this worked.

Which brings us today’s very timely Agnes:

What a fitting newspaper comic for today, eh? What could be better than a kids comic which depicts rage against a trans person for "keeping secrets"? How fucking great. Fuck you too, Agnes.

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Mira Kennedy said...

I assure you, until just now, I had absolutely no idea there was such a thing as Transgender Remembrance Day. My wall calendar only lists days like Easter, Christmas, Flag Day, etc. All my strips are written 6 months in advance. I apologize for the coincidence, and only for that.Agnes is just upset that a young boy was trying to sneak into her girl group. That's all. No inuendo. No mean spirited transgender hate.

Tony Cochran-cartoonist of Agnes