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Sunday, 9 November 2008

What I did this last weekend

Oi, I'm knackered. (Gosh, I'm tired.) I just want to list what I did over the last few days.


Protested outside of the Stonewall awards because they nominated somebody transphobic. Stonewall is an LGB advocacy group who does not advocate for trans people and, indeed, forgets that the majority trans people are LGB themselves. I recorded a bit of the demo


Did tech setup for the London Transgender Film Festival Party.

Made a master disk of the FOSSBOX Free / Opsen Source Software disk for Mac. You can get a copy if you follow the link and then ask nicely.

Went to a film about a transgender choir in San Francisco. Before the film, the organizers talk about how the Obama victory meant positive change for people around the world.

Ran tech at the party that I set up for. It was my first time running sound at a party, which is very different than doing a concert. People trying to get into each other's pants absorb a lot more sound than quiet, seated people. And the gear is flaky. And feedback. And yikes. I need more practice at this.

Watched a lot of Scarface at my next door neighbor's flat whilst drinking a beer at three in the morning.


Went to a film called Still Black, in which African American FTMs talked about their transition.

Went to a club where there was, um, nakedness and um, more. Londoners are properly debauched when they want to be.

Looked at iPhone capabilities.


Went to see a whole mess of short films and panel discussions. One of the films I want to get a copy of for my dad. It was a MTF's father talking about her transition. The dad was sad, but I think it might be good for my dad to watch it. I know he's been talking to other parents of trans people.

Came home and felt exhausted and had tea with my neighbor.

Decided to officially come out as bi. The term "bi" is much too binary, so I prefer "queer," but what I mean is that I fancy folks both masculine/male-spectrum and female-spectrum. I've been hinting at this for several weeks. I don't think this is just some effect of testosterone, but rather a result of how I'm positioned in the queer community. Or maybe it also has something to do with T. I don't know. I kind of thought gay boys were cute before too. Anyway.

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