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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Will be in California . . . for a funeral

Timanna Bennett died. I don't really know what happened. T was a good friend for a long time. I'm flying out tomorrow. T's memorial service is at the Mills chapel on Saturday, 14 February, at 11am. There will be a potluck reception afterwards. As far as I know, T was the first of my Mills friends to die. A lot of people who knew her then seem to be planning on coming. I think some of them fell out of contact since, but T was just such a remarkable person.

I will post more about her later, but right now I just can't. I should be packing to travel anyway or washing some of the many dishes that I shouldn't leave in my sink for two weeks. I'll be in the Bay Area until the 23rd. I hope to be able to see as many friends as possible while I'm back, especially if I haven't seen them for a while. I didn't see too many people when I was home for Christmas, but I did see T, thank gods.

My cell phone number is 917 355 5064. That's a New York number, but it rings in my pocket.

This is all very distressing.


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Timanna was a good friend. I am heart broken to hear this. I thought something was wrong...but I had no idea this had happened and have been trying to reach her for months. Please contact me I really need to get some information. Thanks