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Tuesday 4 August 2009

Blog recommendation

Lonely Gender is genderqueer and is talking about gender issues related to questioning and transition. And it's really well written and everybody should go read it.

I kind of quit posting on my own blog because I felt like I was saying some problematic sort of internalized badness things. I wrote several months ago that coming out as trans was equivalent to talking about my genitals, which is just wrong. It's like saying that being gay is all about genitals. It's just not. And I thought that I didn't need to be inflecting that crap on the world, so I shut up.

I kind of miss blogging and might start it up again in earnest.


Aileen said...

I hope you will start blogging again - I miss reading your posts.

Unknown said...

I second that. I enjoy reading as others process through complex emotions and points of view.

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