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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

My Wotever Playlist

Last night, I DJed for the first time ever, at a queer bar in Vauxhall. Bar Wotever is one of my favourite things in London. It's a friendly, chilled out environment that is a real mix of people. There are LGB people and trans people and the straight and cisgender friends and lovers . It's every Tuesday. the early DJ starts at 6 (that was me) and plays until 9. then there are usually a couple of stage acts and then another DJ playing dance music.

So my first ever DJ set was 3 hours long! Fortunately, very few people come for 6, so my early n00b errors were largely unwitnessed. It was fun and most of the music I played went down well, except for the one noise piece. Heh. It's a great piece of music, but the organiser was not into it. This, incidentally, it a reason I write 1-minute pieces. Like, people will usually give you a minute. So if you can write a nice noise piece that's one minute long, they will give it a shot and may even find they like it. Then it's like a gateway drug for longer noise pieces. But I digress.

I have a list of everything that I played, but alas, I don't know what order I played it in! So here's a list of the songs I played, but totally out of order. If the song title is a link, it leads to where you can download it.

Shy GirlThe Sand ManKaos Theory : Live On The Airtrans lyrics, but uses the word "hermaphrodite" for shock value. Not sure what to think.
Yusae-AisaeWendy CarlosBeauty in the Beasttrans composer
IsisWhirled Venisontrans composer
Poison 3Jess RowlandThe Shape of Poisontrans composer
Without a careM. C. Brennantrans composer
Chromozones by AmberCalpernia AddamsSanitarium Sanctorumtrans artist. I like this song because people make such a big deal about sex chromosomes XX or XY and this takes the piss out that
AnticipatedAthens Boys ChoirBar Mitzvah Superhits Of The 80s, 90s, And Todaytrans artist, deals with trans issues
last forever (chill mix)Kim Petraslast forevertrans artist
Glorimar's Whore House (Excerpt)DJ SprinklesBassline.89Trans artist with an unfortunate history of cissexism.
Seminole WindGravemistHEILIGES LICHT presents Landwirtschaftsomebody told me this band has a trans member
Just AskAdhamh RolandPatchwork and Threadbaretrans artist. I like this song because ze sings about how ze likes hir body, in a nice alternative to the "trapped in the wrong body" bullocks. This artist is cool. click through.
Gender RebelOlias FallQuandarytrans artist and trans lyrics, but uses the word "hermaphrodite" for shock value. Not sure what to think.
HomeJonathan Rachel WilliamsTrans artist. Cool. Has a podcast.
Gender FrontierLipstick ConspiracyMiniskirts and Minibarstrans band. I saw them play in oakland years ago.
I Forgot My MantraBitesizeThe Best of BitesizeBand with a trans memeber: Julia Serano, the author of Whipping Girl. This band is awesome!
UnderstudyBitesizeSophomore Slump
Dirty KingThe CliksDirty Kingawesome band from Canada with a trans front man. Recently voted sexiest Canadian rockstar!
GenderfuckElmo SexwhistleAwesome genderqueer band from Brum!
Stanley, the Manly TranvestiteCamp RecordsFrom the 1960's
Are you listening?dewdrop_worldwith the voice of Lady Gaga
Oh, If Only You Were More Nekromantik!Bolivar ZoarBolivar ZoarA Mills band!
Camden Town RainMary Lou LordStars Kill RockLesbian lyrics
Rebel GirlBikini KillSinglesThe Joan Jett version
Where The Girls AreThe GossipThat's Not What I Heardlesbian lyrics
On GuardLe TigreFeminist Sweepstakes
Lésion MoucheAnatomie BousculaireLésion-MoucheFrench lesbian punk rock
I Love My Daddy...MessyMessy - Happily Ever Afterthis band is awesome
I Wanna Be Your Joey RamoneSleater-KinneyCall The Doctor90's riotgrrl queercore
Uncle PhrancTeam DreschCaptain My Captain
Pansy TwistHuggy BearTaking The Rough With The SmoochBritish 90's riotgrrl queercore
It's Practically FreedomLesbians On EcstasyWe Know You Know
No HomeEllen Fullman/Konrad SprengerOrtFriends! Good music!
Legions (Reverie)Zoe KeatingOne Cello x 16: Natoma
Aaj Ki Raat (Tonight Is the Night)Kronos QuartetKronos CaravanMusic I like form the San Francisco area
PolkaPeoples BizarrePeoples Bizarre
My Fuzzy MuseAmy X NeuburgResidue
PrognissekongenJaga JazzistOne-Armed BanditProg rock - Ingo liked this one
1997 (Tonight we're gonna party like it's...)Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumGrand Opening and Closing!Oakland-based prog band
Mummy Secret StorageBlectum from BlechdomDe Snaunted HausAnother Mills band! I took a bunch of music classes with half of this duo
20060401-transplantedslubLondon-based live-coding group.
The Gloaming (DJ Shadow Remix)Radiohead
MarineDiam'sAu tour de ma bulle (live 2006)Anti-fascist french hip hop
NeverCold WarIntuition + MethodFriends
5 Million Ways To Kill A CEOThe CoupParty MusicOakland based leftist hip hop
Girls & BoysBlurParklifeGirls who are boys who like boys when they're girls . . . this should be the theme song to wotever
Fuck The Pain AwayPeachesThe Teaches Of PeachesThis might be the theme song to Wotever.

There's some possibility that I might get asked to DJ again. If you're in a band with LGBT people or sing about LGBT themes and you want me to play you, you should send me mp3s! (This is just a ploy for me to get free music. ) If you are in such a band, you may wish to contact Wotever, especially if you'd like to play a gig.

I did not play every track that I came with, alas, but next time!

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Anonymous said...

You played "Chromozones" at a club? Wow, I wish I had known, I would have tried to send you a better quality version of the song, ha ha. The online version is very fuzzy in sound quality. Thanks for thinking of me!