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Monday, 30 May 2011

Live blogging nime papers - gamelan elektrika

a midi gamelan at mit

the slide shows the url

they wanted flixible tuning for the gamelan. Evan ziporyn worked on this project. They got alex rigopolus something about touring with kronos. This is going on too long about name dropping and not enough about how it works. I'm not even yet sure what the heck this is, but media lab sure is cool.

this must be a really long time slot becuase she has not yet talked about a technical issue yet.

low latency is important. I think she accidentally let slip that this uses ableton, thus revealing a technical issue.

mit people are often very pleased with themselves.

urathane bars with piezo sensors for version 1, so they switched to FSR and a different material. Didn't catch how it senses damping.

reong has 5 sensors per pot anf FSRs for damping. Hit the middle, touch something to damp.

gongs have capacitive disks on side, piezo on the other, to sence strikes and damping

supercollider and ableton on the backend to handle tuning and sample pplaying

samsung laughes at them when approached for sponsorship but they sure showed them! Nime is thus invited to share in gloating of the amazing skillz of mit.

instrument demo fail.

question about why not use normal percussion controller? answer: to play like a regular gamelan.

the monitoring situation is a problem for them. They use 4 speakers to monitor. House speaker to play

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