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Sunday 19 June 2011

Backstage at a BiLE gig

We played yesterday in Wolverhampton and I thought it went rather well. While we're playing, we have a chat window open, so we can do some communication with each other. This is what went on in chat during our last piece:

Norah> :(
Les> reme
Les>  why is norah sad?
Shelly> :(?
Norah> someone crashed?
Antonio> Antonio crashed
Norah> oh :(
Shelly>  ack
Les>  bummer
jorge> ohh sheeet
Antonio> next?
Norah> Les note!
chris> my wiimote is boken
chris> ok ill start
Antonio> cool
chris> ready?
Les>  i am now
Norah> bang
Shelly>  huh? firebell starts?
jorge> yes
chris> im clock
jorge> purrfect
Les>  go?
Shelly>  ack brb. start without me
Antonio> go go go
Shelly> bk
Shelly>  ...test... 
Norah> hi
Les> we need a better beater for that bell 
Shelly>  jorge can i have the spoon?
Les>  eye contact!!
Shelly>  chirs can u pass the small bell this way? 
Les>  sounding good, norah
Shelly>  sounding GREAT! 
Norah> thanks
Antonio> everything is crashing for me :(
Shelly>  norah, ur patch sounds really coo1
Norah> it's being very magical today!
Norah> WOW
Norah> excellent transition guys
Shelly>  i dont know what time it is by the way
Les>  10
Norah> 10:58
Norah> let's start winding down?
Les>  10:15?
Norah> 11:17
Les>  10:35
Les>  nice
Antonio> :)
Norah> that was super!
Antonio> is ther eone more?
chris> sh*t that was amazing!
jorge> super!!
Antonio> !!!
Shelly>  nope!
Antonio> super fun times
Shelly>  suppersuppersupper
Antonio> what's next?


afr0naut said...

Ha...this is cool. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see you guys that night...maybe next time; but until then, you must check out a fizzPOP session, it would be nice to meet you.

rukano said...

it's nice to see we are not the only ones writing NIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEE and crashing :-)

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