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Monday 20 February 2012

Here's an article you can just rerun every few months

Trans People Exist!

Reports in today's Daily Mail show that there are transgender people in Britain. Their reporters were able to discover that this phenomenon, which effects one in one thousand Britons, appears to be even spread throughout society.

"Some trans people are very old, some are very young and the majority are in between those extremes" said researcher Dr Smith, "Fully half of trans people are less than the median age! Most trans people over the age of 6 have attended school - or are currently doing so."

"We also found that trans people come from all different races and social classes." said Smith.

Due to social pressures, many trans people do not feel comfortable talking about their past to national news papers. "Go away and leave my family alone!" said one 45 year old trans person to the Daily Mail yesterday, speaking under condition of anonymity outside his home at 134 Passing Lane, Oxford E1Q 3GL, just around the corner form the Tescos Express.

Still, trans people may be anywhere in the country. "This appears to be random, like left handedness" said Beatrix Jones of Trans United. "There are trans people in cities and in rural areas, from the northernmost bit of Scotland down to the Isle of Wight."

Jones explained that trans people also may take a variety of jobs from showgirl, to university professor to dustman to "anything you can think of" she said.

There is also diversity in how they establish their personal lives. Many trans people have romantic partners, although a significant portion are single. Also, researchers found that many trans people have children. "As the UK does not mandate sterilisation for trans people, some have become parents post-transition. Also, many trans people forgo any form of medical transition and just transition 'socially'" said Smith.

"Trans people do have some specific needs, like the ability to live their life without media intrusion" said Jones, shutting her door in the reporter's face.

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