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Friday, 14 September 2012

Some Folks Have Forgotten About Bush

Not, not just the RNC, who spent their entire convention pretending he never existed, but also the manarchist left. Both parties are fascists, they say.

I'll just note that everybody I've heard say this is a straight, white, cis man. Rmoney is currently polling at 0% with black people. Probably because he's running the most racist campaign I've ever witnessed in my lifetime. But I guess if racism doesn't matter to you, the parties are equal. And if you're cis and didn't have to worry about doctors refusing to treat you on account of being trans, a situation that has changed over this summer, I guess the parties are equal. And ... you know what. I'm going to cut this section short. Anybody who has been paying even the tiniest bit of attention to social issues knows there is a massive gulf between the parties and the only way one could claim equivalence is to completely brush aside the concerns of women, of LGBT people, of people of colour and of several other groups.

But on some level, the manarchists are right. The parties only disagree on some issues and march in lock step with whatever their corporate masters agree on. There is a lot of stuff that is not up for debate that the parties absolutely agree on. They've got us over a barrel. If we split the vote on the left or if we just stay home, then Rmoney wins and that does have a very real effect on the lives of many vulnerable groups.

Political leaders don't lead. They follow. They follow money and they follow social movements. It takes years to build a movement. Occupy is fantastic, but it's new and hasn't yet had a chance to make a major change in things. If there's nothing been building on the left for a while, then there's nothing for the politicians to follow.

Nobody has EVER voted in positive political change. Political parties are not movements. You're not going to get a socialist utopia through the ballot box. Ever. Positive political change has always come from the streets and it always will come from the streets. If you're disappointed by your major party options on the left, then go spend some time hanging out with Occupy. Join a union. Join a march. Show up for things. Make noise. Get active.

If voting didn't matter, there wouldn't be a massive coordinated plan to disenfranchise people across the US. The people being disenfranchised are poor, are black, are transgender, are students, and are old. This matters..

In 2000, I remember people saying that Bush and Gore were both in the hands of corporations, that it didn't matter who won. It really fucking mattered. Rmoney is not better than Bush. Four more years of stupid will destroy America. There will be nothing left of out economy or our social safety net or of anything that made us great.

No, you don't have to vote and nobody who wants a socialist welfare state or who wants peace is going to get elected to the presidency. Voting, like paying taxes and jury duty, is an unpleasant civic duty. You do it because it's how society functions and because you love your country and because you care about your fellow citizens and because of your own self interest in hoping the dollar doesn't crash. If you can't do it for you, do it for me. I've only had the right to purchase healthcare in America for the last month or so. I'd kind of like to hold on to that right.

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