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Saturday 29 December 2012

Compiling superCollider on Ubuntu studio 12.0.4

For various annoying reasons, I've just reformatted my hard drive and freshly installed the latest Ubuntu Studio LTS. As soon as I'd restored my home directory, I set to work compiling SuperCollider.

The README_Linux.txt file covers most of what you need to know, but here's what I had to type to get going:

sudo apt-get install git cmake libsndfile1-dev libfftw3-dev  build-essential  libqt4-dev libqtwebkit-dev libasound2-dev libavahi-client-dev libicu-dev libreadline6-dev libxt-dev pkg-config subversion libcwiid1 libjack-jackd2-dev emacs

cd ~/Documents

git clone --recursive

cd supercollider

mkdir build

cd build



You have to disable supernova because it requires a newer version of gcc. If all that works, then you can install it:

sudo make install

I had something go wrong with my installed SC libs, but that's a side issue.

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