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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Cyber-physical programming in Extempore - Andrew Sorensen

Cybernetics is a cyber physical system - any closed loop control system.

Cyberphsysical programming is one of these but with a programmer stuck in the loop. The programmer is above the loop and in the loop. Coupling of human, machine and environment.

By changing the world, we understand the world better.

Real-time, real-time. Writing in real-time on a real-time system.

Giant radio telescope is in the works in Australia. they will have huge anoubts of data to deal within real-time.


This is a high performance computing thing for real time. It tries to analyse code to figure out how long it's going to run. Supports embedded computing.

xtlang is a subversion of this? Everything is hot swappable.

It's a member of the lisp family. Sort of. static typing. No garbage collection. It's fast and determinate - it will always run at the same speed every time you run it.

This a systems language that feels like a dynamic language. You think you're doing lisp, but it's all cyber-physical.


How old is this language? 2.5 years.

What did the code look like for the example of it's use in the video he showed? There are online examples.

... this talk was somewhat over my head, as are many of the questions....

Is the compiler written in Extempore? Not yet. It's in scheme right now.

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