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Commission Music
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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Live Coding as Research

This is new stuff and it combines art and science. Plus you've got tons of outcomes including papers, performances, languages, theories, etc.

(thinking about music as research in terms of grant application criteria saps my will to live.)

You can do stuff based on perception - the speaker has used psychology studies as a basis for his work.

Gestalt psychology ideas he uses: grouping,continuation and closure.

He is only working on pitch and time

Pseduo-jazz fusion can be expressed through surprisingly short lisp expressions.

Gaussian probabilities do stuff around proximity, some range constraints and some directions.

Ordering of lists leads to closure.

Iteration is repetition

He wants to interact more with tech communities


Scott wants all his numbers. He's about to publish in the CMJ.

Nick wants to know why he picked Gaussian. It's good enough and it's succinct. He's being inspired by processes which are learned from modelling research.

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