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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My Fantasy Holiday

Thoreau decided he'd had enough of things and moved out to the woods to escape from society. However, it turns out that Walden Pond is not a long stroll from the town he fled. He went to see his mum every weekend. With that in mind, this is what I'd like to spend a month doing this summer or in the autumn or sometime...

I want to stay in a cabin in the forest, next to hot spring, which I would go sit in for a bit at night. The nights would be very quiet and free of city lights. The cabin is stocked with a load of fresh veg and has a good library and some very comfy chairs. The bed is big and comfortable. All the rooms have nice windows. One of them has a couple of good monitor speakers a way to record and my synthesiser.

The internet is only connected between 11am - noon.

Every evening, a friend or two come around to visit and we have dinner, talk and jam or play board games or just talk.

I stay there for one month. At the end, I'm expected to have an LP.

So yes, even in my fantasy holidays, I'm still working...

The only thing I can imagine doing without working is a cycle holiday. And If I were planning one now, I'd probably try to arrange gigs along the route, alas. I'm feeling very motivated to be productive lately and also my anxiety is on the upswing and these are probably related. However, getting a lot done has been good for me in the past, but I wouldn't mind a day or two in a hot spring or even a ot tub.

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