Commission Music

Commission Music
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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sc symposium - chris brown - ritmos

software to explore perception and performance of polyrhythms

inspired by afro-cuban music

ritmos can play in polyrythmic modes and can listen to a live input. It deals with a difference between a player and a clave.

this was first implemented in HMSL!! As a piece called Talking Drum.

Branches is in sc2 and is in the same series of pieces.

so now there's a new version in sc3.


RitmosPlay defines a voice stream heirachy and scheduling




RitmosXfrm F interaction algorythms


he uses a genetic algorithm to balance between the specified clave and the input.

he's got presets and sequences that deal w current settings.

he's going into a lot of detail about how this works. It's complex.

this has an impressive gui. And indeed an impressive functionality. And sounds great.

graphics library... I wish i'd caught the name of...

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