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Saturday 1 June 2013

Linux Midi on SuperCollider

This is just how I got it to work and should not be considered a definitive guide.

I started Jack via QJackCntrl and then booted the SuperCollider server.

I've got a drum machine connected via a MIDI cable to an m-audio fast track ultra.

This code is Making some noises:

var ultra;

"init".postln;{|m, i|
  ultra = MIDIOut(i);
  i .postln;

//u = ultra;

 \midinote, Pseq((36..53), inf),
 \amp, 1,
 \type, \midi,
 \midiout, ultra,
 \chan, 1,
 \foo, Pfunc({|e|"tick % %\n".postf(e[\chan], e[\midinote])}),
 \dur, 0.2


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