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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Friday's Post

I found a really very handy PDF document showing every single available music glyph in the Bravura font, organised by type. Gaze upon it and be amazed by how much notation you don't know and how very very many types of accidentals there are. I really like the treble clef whose lower stroke ends in a down arrow. I don't know how I missed it earlier. This is truly the best font ever. I also has letters and numbers and stuff.

I've got an example of using Bravura in a canvas. You have to go elsewhere to see it, because it's downloading the font via @font-face in css and I can't do that from this blog.

If you look at it, you should see an upside down treble clef. This is from the Bravura font. If you don't see the treble clef, please leave a comment with what browser you're using (ex: Internet Explorer), the version number (ex: 4.05), the sort of device (ex: Desktop, laptop, tablet, iphone, etc) and the operating system.

I got that glyph into the canvas by typing the unicode into the string in my text editor. The editor is using a different font, so this is kind of annoying because looking at the text source doesn't show the result or even the unicode number.

This is an example of an image in a canvas with some text:

Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag.
Big Red Blob originally uploaded by celesteh.

If you reload the page, the <3's will be in a different place and also, my hit count will go up and I will think I'm more popular than I actually am. (I tried to do this with unicode hearts ♡, but blogger escaped them, so it was just integer strings, alas.)

In other news, my internet has been offline almost as much as it has been online today. I called BT yesterday to complain and was on hold long enough to hear the most well-known movement of the pastoral symphony multiple times (you know the one I mean, the one in Fantasia with the centaurs (I'd look it up, but I'm offline right now)). They ran a line test and blamed my router and have promised to send me a new one. Honestly, I have my doubts. I should probably buy my own router anyway, because they put everything local on a .home domain, which is cute and all, but breaks a bunch of mac services, especially on a mixed network. I really thought somebody there would have noticed this problem by now. Maybe the dev team also needs to phone in bugs and all have been on hold the past five years.

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