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Monday 21 July 2014

This is a test

The revolution has not actually been cancelled, but I am curious about using other people's photos without asking... 'Liberating' them, if you will. So, this is actually part of the revolution, maybe? Assuming revolutions conform to the API's TOS, so I guess facebook is running my revolution now. Anyway, check out my invite for a general strike...

What I've learned from this exercise:

  • You can't sign up to instagram without putting their app on your smart device, so no losers with cameras that are just cameras.

  • If you want to grab somebody's picture (somebody much cooler than me because they have a smart phone and I don't), click on the '...' button in the lower right corner, click on embed, copy the embed code, paste into your blog post.

  • This embed code does not seem to support ALT text and so is completely shit on disability issues, so only use this if you're happy with parts of your website being inaccessible to people using screen readers.

  • Facebook really cares very deeply about your copyright and gives access to anyone and gives them loads of control over their content and how it is shared. ... ha ha ha. Yeah, won't be getting an account here ever.

By the way, for all my lynx readers, the image above is a page of some 50's style line drawings plus text in fancy fonts, including the phrase 'Sorry, the Revolution has been cancelled'

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