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Commission Music
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Friday, 19 December 2014

Auto complete poetry experiment

With the first time is the first time to see what you are. By the way to the way you can do some of the way to do. As a little more than happy to be great. Day of this email. Each other than the next weekend. Of my resume. Get a few days. His own understanding of the way. In a great news. Just wanted to be. King of the whole. Life is the first time. Me know when you are you can you are you are you are you. In the first place. Once you've been a chance. Part of the first time. Quiet day and they are you. Run into your email. Us immediately by the most beautiful. The way you would like a great weekend so much more time. Used when the way you are you. Value of the new. Was not sure if we can do something about the first time. A few days and may need to the first time. By a great to be used for your help. Zone of my mom said he said he said that they want to go down the rest is the first time.

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