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Commission Music
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Wednesday, 2 October 2002

Esperanto class was bursting at the seams! We are going to move to a bigger classroom. (no, i am not making this up.) But there is still room for you! Yes, there is. Tuesday night 7:30 - 9:30 enhanced with kekstempo - cookie break time! keksoj = cookies. See, now you've learned one useful word, there's no reason not to show up.
Speaking of Esperanto, I've been thinking more about Christi's silent movie idea. Phillip Glass does a lot of movie composing for old movies, but the one's i've seen have all been movies with sound and subtitles. Opera singers sing the lines of the speakers in the movie. so he just plays the movie with the sound turned off. and then I thought of the perfect movie to do that to: Incubus! no, don't leave! William Shatner, when interviewed about his role in Incubus, consistently describes the script as "operatic." He says it deals starkly between good and evil - like an opera would. the movie is, as i'm sure you know, the only full-length movie shot entirely in Esperanto. And it doesn't have much dialog. the dialog it does have is very easy. There are long sequences with pretty pictures where no one speaks. (these are the best part of the film.) those sections could be filled with musical interlude. Also, the movie has very few speaking parts. There's that guy who only lasts for one scene, Kia, her sister, Marco, his sister and the incubus, and I'm not sure if the incubus even speaks. so we could get away with a mezo-soprano (I don't like high sopranos so much), an alto and a tenor. Maybe a second male part, maybe not. If we got a second male part, there could be cool chorus-y suff when the evil minons file in at the beginning. Don't get me wrong, there are problematic elements in the movie. It would take a bit of snipping. For all of it's operaticness (as perceived by Shatner), it's still an icky horror movie. There are only two scenes that really ought to go. there's the one where the evil minions tear off Marco's sister's clothes and the incubus lurches in with his bad teeth. (well, it is an icky horror movie and we're going to cut that scene.) and of course, the scene in the end with the goat. I think we could have Kia and Marco running towards the church and then have her crawl in, harmed, and never explain what happened. Or, we could just have the incubus show up to get her and cut before he turns into a goat. Really, this film does have all the great aspects of opera. Think Don Giovanni with it's graveyards and people eating corpses and satanic figures rising from the dead. Think of that and thenk really low budjet, with only three singers, no sets aside from a screen and projector and a small pit orchestra. Additionally, this is an act we could take on the road. People would come see it because it might sound interesting, but think of all the esperantists who want to see what on earth an opera based on Incubus would be like. see! this is a great idea!

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