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Wednesday, 16 October 2002

Last night, my dad came home with a pomegranite, so I ate a little bit of it. Then, I went to Esperanto class. Class got out early and then dinner was quicker than usual, so I was in bed early for a Tuesday night. The class was on the correlatives. I thought I knew all of them, but as I sat in class, I couldn't think of a one, except for kio, which is easy. We had pizza afterwards at Pizaa My Heart. It wasn't very good. Sarah D came to class, which I'm happy about. I kept telling her that it was a language for the proletariat. I think she'll find it useful for international organizing.

At some point this morning, Christi realized that Tiffany was in our living room. she came up and said goodmorning, then disappeared again. She's taking over cat-sitting duties. It was nice to see er, even if only for a few minutes. I slept till about noon and then spent an hour running around the house, recollecting things, like the toiletries bag which was returned to the bathroom and anyway, I'm prolly runnign slow. I feel much revived though.

And now I'm back here and my mom is still here, although five of her candles have burned out since yesterday. One of them is St. Martin of Tours, patron saint against leprosy. and the red spot on her back that went away has returned. Cooincidence?

Apparently my dad has been cutting back the amount of medication my mom has been receiving. He wants to only give her stuff every six hours instead of every four. And maybe she doesn't need lorazepam, maybe we should try torepositin her instead, so she's more comfortable. It's this sort of thinking that leads to the return of red spots. And once again, by the time he realizes he was wrong, it will be too late for him.

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