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Tuesday, 28 January 2003

Coffee House pseudo-intellectual

Somebody recently called me a "coffee house pseudo-intellectual." Hrm, that makes me thirsty. Maybe I should go get a decaf soy latte. It's like coffee-flavored protein.

anyway, apparently my offense was citing FAIR and Noam Chomsky. So if you unquestioningly repeat the lies of the administration "iraq kicked out weapons inspectors in 1998," you can be a real coffee house intellectual, but if you cite a source which quotes the Washington Post or the New York Times or the actual words of former leader-types, why, then you're a faker. Intellectual, clearly then, equals liar. Or at least one who does no fact checking or research.

I could dilligently check all facts myself by looking through newspapers from 1998, but I'm lazy. somebody has already done this for me. Too bad fact checking groups are tainted.

We will never have truth in this country when those who tell the truth are so perfectly denigrated. It's like there's an official list of dilligent researchers to ignore. I mean, it's one thing to drag the name of Rush Limbaugh through the mud, but he gets all of his information from the backs of cerial boxes and the klan website. People who do real research must suck unless they spout the biased company line of whoever is currently elected.

In short, I'd rather be a "coffee house pesudo-intellectual" (mmmm... soy latte) than an outright idiot.

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