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Saturday, 1 March 2003


digidesign's techsupport closed at 3:00, so i didn't talk to them, but their website says the software works with 10.2.3 only. don't upgrade. Yeah, so I have noone to blame but myself. someone suggested that I could blow away my OSX system folder and all other traces of system and then re-install. Making a backup first would be a good idea. I guess tomorrow, I'll make a mirror of my drive on a firewire disk and then try blowing away my system folder. The worst the caould happen is that I would need to reformat completely and start over and that would be ok because . . . well, I have no idea how it would be ok. I have the system software disks for OS 9, 10 and 10.2 of course. I could probably drag applications back over from the backup drive and most of them would work. If I hosed MAX/MSP, I would be pretty unhappy, though.

If I wanted to wrestle with stupid problems like this, I would be running linux, where at least there is a chance I could fix things without crippling my system.

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