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Monday, 3 March 2003

Grad Skool

Well, I've gotten one letter from CalArts saying "yes," and have heard only rumors from other schools. I've heard via a third party that Alvin Lucier thinks I sound "interresting." A certain bitter ex-member of the Mills Community says that their financial sitution makes my acceptance there near certain. Oh, well, gee, uh. I didn't think they took economics into account for admissions, but what do I know. I don't mend benefitting from affirmative action, but I'd prefer it to be the "we need a better male-female balance" kind rather than the "we need more cash" kind. This is because I'm a contrary leftist and nobody on the right is suing to stop the second kind of class-based admission system. And I've heard from another individual that CalArts is not an easy school to get in to and that Mills has already made it's descision and the letter will be mailed shortly.

The more I think about it, the more I just want to move to Seattle and screw grad school. Honestly, it's not like my music career matters. If all 15 people who care about electronic tape music think that I'm cool, well, that's swell, but it's still only 15 people. I think that in the US art is dead. If it's not dead, it's terminal and twitching. In the 80's it was doing that reaching it's arm up towards the light thing and a bunch of folks decided it was about to go for a walk, but nope it was that increased wakefulness before death thing. (I haven't read too many hospice pamphlets, not me.) Give art some more morphine, talk quietly in it's presence, hold it's hand for a moment, hold your breath each time it breathes in, waiting to hear if it will breathe out again.

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