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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 4 February 2003

turned in my mills application today. There was a box full of protfolios in the musc department office. it was a big box and it was full. there are something like 50 people applying for teh grad program. This is not a good year to apply. But it's ok. If I don't get in to a school this year, U of Washington is starting a very interesting looking program in the fall 2004.

Mitch gve me some printer advice. He told me to reinstall the printer driver and then run some callibrating utilities. this helped a lot. but my printer still sucks. more score is all pixelated and not beautiful, as it should be. i think this might be a pdf problem tho. anyway, they won't pick it on printing looks alone, although it's not terrible and i'm going to turn it in this way, it is not wonderful enough to display. no collector will say "This is the first copy ever of Aelita with rehersal letters drawn in by hand! I must have it to display upon my wall."

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