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Commission Music
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Friday, 14 March 2003

Psychoanalyze your friends!

It's fun! It's annoying! It's easy!

Exhibit A: Male subject, only one serious relationship. Many non-starter relationships. Tends to favor women who respect him less than carpet lint.

Subject A has been seeing someone whom he has now sucessfully woo-ed. she thinks he's the latest thing since sliced bread. He's thinking of going away. Reasons? Is she intellectually incompatible? Nope. Smart, funny. Politically and musically compatible. Is she unattractive? Nope. Good looking. going for the neck has been satisfactory. Is she boring? nope. fun. So what's the problem? Insufficient emotional responce on the part of subject A.

And why is that? Because she's not abusing him! Solution 1: Subject A could raise his slef esteem through meditation, affirmations or medication. Solution 2: Sex adds excitement to any relationship. Solution 3: Instead of fighting the problem of emotional non-responce to abusiveness, he could accept it as a given and date someone who is abusive within certain boundaries, for example, a dominatrix who would treat him appropriately in public, but step on him at other times. It may be possible to combine solutions 2 and 3 if the subject's prospective someone is open to the suggestion.

That concludes this segment of Annoying the fxck out of your Friends. tune in next time when Subject B's taste in music is anaylized in light of her obviously deficient education.

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