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Wednesday, 19 March 2003

solving the protools blues

The backstory

I put protools 6.0 on a 10.2.4 system and it only halfways works. It will edit existing files, but not create new ones. It's also fairly unstable.


My poor little 40 gigabyte hard disk was near filled up (looking forward to the day when i can whine that 40 terrabytes is not enough. i remember my first hard disk held ten megabytes and it was HUGE... anyway), so I went and got an external firewire drive to hold sound data. It's fast. I dig it.

Then the lightbulb went on. I installed Jaguar on the firewire drive. I installed only the necessary components. No printer drivers or anything else. Then I disabled smart update and downloaded the 10.2.3 update and installed it. (10.2.3: ) Then I e-disabled smart update. I installed the drivers for my midihardware and then installed protools 6.0 on to the drive.

the result

I have a dual boot system, one is 10.2.4 where i can install all the broken upgrades and lame junk that I want, and the other is 10.2.3 where nothing is installed but the base system and protools stuff. Protools is working great for me. I'm able to have a protools only system (where system = operating system) without buying a new computer.

I'm going to go burn a disk of the 10.2.3 update and the midi drivers so i'll always have a hardcopy of the software i need in case anything goes wrong.

Mario is the bomb for helping out with this.

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