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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 1 April 2003


Last night, I dreamt that I was watching TV ads for BeOS. They were combination personal ads/pleads for people to buy the software. Like the Apple switch ads, but more extreme. All these cute hipster girls with moodlighting explaining how BeOS was in trouble and they were going to be out of a job and they really wanted to date BeOs hackers.

But I guess Steve Jobs wanted to save NeXTSTEP more than BeOS. I've just discovered that if you pass a FTP:// type URL to the command-line ftp client, it does the right thing. This is good because Safari seems to barf on FTP, even from Apple's member sites.

I like electronic music because it's as nerdy as you want to be. If I feel un-nerdy, I could go write a string quartet. Moderately nerdy, I can do something with my synthesizer. Even more nerdy, I can edit stuff with pro-tools. Or if I get nerded out, I can download source code for a MAX competitor and compile it on my machine (as soon as I FTP down the latest version of the development kit from the Apple Developer Connection) and write software to do some nerdy real-time sound thing. Not that I don't like MAX. But it isn't a real programming language and this new thing, made by Stanford, apparently is closer. C-sound does everything, but it's like command-line Unix. MAX does just about everything that C-sound does, but in a hands-off kind of way, like OS9. this new thing, who knows what it is. It claims to have more access to nuts-and-bolts, making it the OSX of audio software. Will it live up to the hype? It's cross platform. Link: I love new software. It's like bright and shiny objects. I see it something new exists and I think, "wow! a new thing! It must be better because it's NEW! I'll abandon something I know works to spend hours trying to see if this one works too!"

It's more fun than debugging MAX code, at least.

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