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Wednesday, 2 April 2003

Tiffany's BART Experience

So BART was very delayed this afternoon. Computers were down and Tiffany's train kept starting and stopping in the tube. After a long while, it emerged from the tube and the guy sitting in front of her, coughingly reached for his cell phone. this guy, who kept coughing, was sitting in front of Tiffany, near the door, facing about a quarter of the train. anyway, he called up his doctor and said, "Yeah, so I just got back from China and about half of my tour group are all experiencing the same symptoms. I've just got some chills and a fever and a cough. what are the other signs? *pause* Oh, well, yeah, but I probably don't have it." The doors opened for west Oakland and half the train car got off.

Um, yeah, so if folks can get SARS from airplanes, the can prolly get it from BART. don't ride BART if you're sick!!!

so we're throwing Tiffany out of the house. No, um, she's upstairs drinking OJ and popping echinacea.

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