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Monday 21 April 2003

Improv Music

Not long ago, I comment to a friend, "I don't like improv music." That's not actually true. I love Deep Listening Band and I enjoy the Circle Trio, both headed up by Pauline Oliveros. And heck, I play in an improv rock band. And I like jazz solos. I like non-competitive improv music. For a while, I thought I could make a claim about female-dominated improv, versus male dominated improv, but it doesn't work. Pauline Oliveros may well be the best improv artist ever, but Anthony Braxton is also very good and he's definitely not female. I think it just must be very difficult to play improv music and many bands, for whatever reason, become competitive and play thoughtlessly. Certainly competitive, thoughtless music is not limitted to improv, but I think that it's harder to get to the next level while improving. So, I'd like to clarify my comment. "I don't like improv music unless it's good."

I think I also need to make a resolution to be less negative. What I mean is, to be more positive. Yeah. I love making resolutions for the same reason I like predictability. I can keep making the same resolutions year after year after year. I just need to change the date. I resolve to be more positive, to quit picking on Christi and to play more gigs, put out a new CD and generally improve my music career. yeah. this year will be different. this year will be great. I know it's April and not January, but it takes me a few months to get the hang of new years.

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