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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 22 April 2003

Lame Fan Pages

Apparently lame fan pages are not annoying. you (yes, you - dear reader!) should create one and then join the Ellen Fullman Fan Ring. Geocities and Angelfire and other free web hosting things are perfect for this application.

Just think about all the great composers and msucians who you dig but who have no mainstream fame. Some of these folks are broke, even though they're making your favorite music. This is a bad thing. We've got to do something about this. I've got a three step plan!

  1. Go buy the CDs of the people you like. You don't have the lastest one? Go get it! I know, I always buy used CDs too. I hope that inspires music stores to buy new ones, since they can see that it's selling.
  2. Ok, then call up radio stations that play music in this genre and request songs from the records. i know, this is hard for contemporary classical stuff, but some college stations do it. then your favorite composer is getting some airplay and maybe will sell more CDs as a result. It's a great idea. No, I've actually never done this, but you can see how it would be a great idea if I did.
  3. Make some fan pages and set up or join a webring. it's guerilla marketting! ok, it's as useless as all those dot com schemes that used this same formula. if this worked, then ask jeeves would still be worth $150/share (did you know that i was offered a piece of their ipo and said no because i thought their product wouldn't scale? arg.). But even if it's not actually useful marketting, the subject of your webpage may google for him or herself and find your fan page and be amused or confused. which is almost as good as fame and fortune.

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