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Wednesday 11 June 2003

Pictures of Chicken

Page made for the benefit of Ellen. I give her a 75% chance of deciding to stay in Seattle. She really likes chicken tho, so maybe Chicken will lure her down. She has a Dr. Doolittle sort of connection to Chicken. Chicken didn't destroy anythign while Ellen was here, but she did eat a muffin that I left on the counter. Or maybe Roz did. Cats eating muffins are weird.

Yesterday, I fixed some bugs in the JJiCalc. You can now enter in tunings and it will know they exist. Some action-event thing was missing. I'm working on saving and reloading right now. Anyway, while I was coding, Ellen went to her friend's memorial service and then from there to the airport. He was part of the reason she was considering moving down here. And she was sad the whole time she was here. Last time she was here was the 2002 OM festival and she was sick the whole time. The bay area may be a bad luck place for her.

So I'm basing the 25% probability (guess) of her moving down here based on Chicken's magnetic personality. Oh, and if you know of a responcible musician (I know, oxymoron...) who might want to rent my space for two years, you should drop me a line.

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