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Wednesday 16 July 2003

Calling in Sick

I've been sick since last thursday. Christi has been sick forever. Tiffany is sick. I think one of the cats may be unwell. We all sit around and sniffle and nap frequently. I've done nothing of value the last week. Christi has though. First, she accidentally deleted all the work she's been trying to do while sick. And then today, she created a blog for the dog. She's also writing a letter to NAACP to complain about their misplaced condemnation of Kucinich. He, along with two other Democrats, skipped the NAACP presidential forum. The other two dems were off sipping caviar and dining with ruch plutocrats or had some other lame excuses. But Kucinich was busy voting on against privatizing Medicare, which passed the House by one vote (and had Lieberman decided to stay in DC, he could have voted against it too, but he was busy drinking champagne with whoever he pals around with during his free time).

Medicare Privatization passed the House by one vote. Was this a newspaper headline I missed while napping? The sky is falling! The sky is falling! This is exactly what sick people over 65 need: crappier healthcare. when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, she was over 65 but was still using her private policy because all the forms for medicare were not filled out yet. Her private policy denied coverage for chemotherapy that Medicare would have covered. Anyone would have covered it. And eventually her insurance did cover it, but only after my dad hired a lawyer and threatened to sue.

Hiring a lawyer is often too difficult for sick people. What would have happened to my mom if she had no kids and her partner didn't know to contact a lawyer?? She would have died a slow, lingering death in October, but with a better quality of life leading up to it. But in principle, this would be very very bad. It seems that "profit," "healthcare" and "elderly" don't belong in a sentence together unless one is talking about the evils of imperialism. This is evil evil evil.

So it seems *cough* misleading to condemn Kucinich for taking such a moral stand against evil. So Christi is writing a letter. And I'm going to go take a nap.

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