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Saturday 12 July 2003

Getting Political

I'm registered Green. I did that because economic and enviromental justice are important to me. I'm tired of Democrats, like Al Gore, Gray Davis and Joe Lieberman who are owned by corporate interests and about as inspiring as shower mold. They talk about the same issues as republicans and often offer solution barely differing from republican solution. this is logical since, as I learned in high school civics, the major political parties are not ideologically based. People calling each other "rinos" aside, the major parties exist just to get themselves elected and not to push any particular agendas except what will them support of voters and donors.

the donors are clearly winning. They're winning by such a large margin that hardly anyone bothers to vote anymore. Do you really beleive that a Gore Lieberman administration would be any less war-like when you consider that Lieberman has criticized Bush for not bombing enough and that he drew up plans for a new government office that was appropriated by Bush to become the office of homeland security. No wonder progressives have switched to the Green party. But we would come back for somebody compelling who had values that weren't owned by McDonalds, McDonald-Douglas and Clorox.

Dennis Kucinich is da man

Dennis Kucinich could bring back alienated greens, progressives and leftists. His proposals are actually logical and make sense. He wants to quit throwing all of our effort, culture and money at war. He wants to use the "peace dividend" to pay for education and social services. Remember social services? There used to be a radical idea that our taxes should somehow benefit people who need it, rather than going to subsidise gigantic, already-rich corporations. Kucinich wants to resurrect the New Deal and expand it Canada-like to include universal health care. And he supports civil liberties and equal rights for queers. What's not to love? He wants to end our culture of fear (that Moore documented in Bowling for Columbine).

Random Anecdote

One of my highschool band teachers, Kristen Strom, plays with with a Saxaphone Orchestra called The Nuclear Whales. Early in the Democratic primary season before the 1992 election, they heard that one of the unknown candidates was a saxaphone player. So they contacted his campaign and offered to play at some rallies for him. The campaign took them up on it and the candidate met them and was eager to try out the contra-bass saxaphone, so they got back some pictures of them hanging around with him around while he tried to play it. Then, when he went on to win the white house, they got to be "Friends of Bill" and were invited to the inaguration. Pretty exciting, huh? So I contacted the Kucinich campaign and said that Tennis Roberts could play at rallies and fundraising parties. I hope he gets elected.

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