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Wednesday 2 July 2003

My Growing Collection of Rejection Letters

So I got a rejection from Bowling Green in my email yesterday. It's not surprising, since the piece,a woodwind dectet, had some problems. For starters, part of it was in three, but is written in four. I need to fix it. I would have fixed it before sending it, but the deadline was looming and I had already put a lot of time into it. I probably should have sent a tape instead, but I thought they would be more willing to play a score rather than a tape. The key things is that the score has to be up to snuff.

Of course, I learned my lesson about doing things at the last minute. I check the email with the rejection letter even as I was rushingly re-mixing a piece for Sonic Circuits (due date: yesterday) that I had recorded the night before. Ok, so I didn't learn my lesson. Even a little bit. the Sonic Circuit piece is boring and sounds completely different on headphones versus speakers. I delayed buying monitor speakers cuz they're expensive, but clearly, I need them. But I went ahead and mailed my boring, sparse, flat sounding tape off to Sonic Circuits anyway, priority mail, since I wasn't sure if yesterday was a receipt deadline or a postmark deadline. Costs of postage plus media was about $6. so it will be a $6 rejection. Not counting the cost of computer, synthesizer, headphones (but not monitor speakers) needed to make the boring CD-r.

So my real estate agent in Connecticut has yet to dig anything up. I wonder how long I should wait before becoming concerned.

Speaking of more profitable skills, the Just Intionation Calculator now opens Scala files, but it approximates cents as fractins, since this is the Just intonation calculator.

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