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Wednesday 2 July 2003


I got more pride than I know what to do with.

We went to dyke march and got there very late. Not only had the march already stepped off, but it was almost completely gone from Delores Park. We got in near the back and noticed a very high percentage of creepy guys among us and so rushed forward to some place more firmly in the middle of the march. but creepy guys still abounded. In years past, creepy guys watched from the sides, but at least stayed out of the march. No more. And the ones on the sidelines were in about ten times their past numbers. Gross. It was bothering me a lot, so I took several swigs from Christi's flask and felt enough better about it to take off my shirt. And then snarky, disgusting guys took my picture.

We need to take out an ad during the super bowl and it needs to say, "attention men: not everything on earth is done for your benefit. you do not own everything. some things are and forever will be completely off limits to you. cameras may be forcebly confiscated from you at some events. have a nice super bowl."

How long now before creep dairy researches come up with ways to impregnate cows without bulls. And that research will apply to humans. and then males will be completely obsolete and need not be tolerated as a necessary evil any more. then we can start getting rid of the ones that have too big of a sense of entitlement. Maybe some mad scientist is right now working on a virus that only kills people will too much testosterone with the idea that it would be militarily useful. then surviving males would have to stay calm and non-agressive or would die of this evil virus. kind of evil virus. somewhat evil virus.

anyway, so dyke march was kind of fun. I have audio recording. Despite media reports of extra boisteriousness from the supreme court ruling, it was much calmer than usual. I heard no shouts of "show us your tits.," but I did hear one woman complain that nobody even seemed to notice when she flashed her breasts. Also, the bill board that usually serves as a stage for women having sex or taking off their clothes or whatever was empty. I think maybe the new moon was making dykes mellow? One person was hanging out her window holding a sign that said, "Lick my pussy, it's legal!" That was as sexy as it got. Well, except for a woman in front of me who stripped down till she had nothing on but her tatoos. then some guy appeared and was touching her, but she didn't seem to mind and I didn't feel empowered to eject him, since she wasn't objecting. In short, everything is going to hell in a handbasket.

Last year, I decided to not attend the lame, corporate parade and faire again, so I didn't. I dig being legalized by the supreme court and stuff, but assimilation is so boring. Is there a way we can have all the same rights as straight people but still be extra-hip outsiders who know how to throw a terrific party?

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