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Monday 8 September 2003

Happy The American Mavericks website is awesome. It's also useful for paper writing.

Xena got some swimming lessons yesterday. she isn't comfortable going in water over her head, but she seems to be good at the dog paddle. strangely, lake water has improved her odor. she is also eating again and seems happy. I think she might have had the flu before, when she wasn't eating. I hope to take her out to the lake again soon.

I made a pot of chilli today and shared it with Angela. chilli makes me happy. Also, the weather has been wonderful all weekend. yay good weather. and i had coffee today and coffee makes me happy. coffee at 4:00 in the afternoon makes me happy after midnight in the computer lab when i have class at 9:00 the next morning! (maybe not as happy in the mornining unless i have coffee then too.)

Reading: Noam Chomsky the Indespensible Chomsky: Understanding Power. a Chomsky book that's very readable. It's based on teach-ins, so the words and style is conversational and the vocabulary is less dense. also reading: Henry Cowell's book on Ives. Also very readable and conversational. It explicitly says it's not a critical analysis.

Listening to: Ives Symphony No. 4. It's wonderful. go click on the link at the top of this post to get to the file on the web. also listening to: David Tutor's live electronic works. Not as melodious as Ives, obviously, but they stand the test of time and are still interesting even after the newness of the medium has completely worn off

Ives' nationalism and rejection of equal temperment and bizarre agressiveness give him a lot in common with Harry Partch. but my paper is only supossed to be 2 pages long.

I mentioned Tom of Finland in an academic paper about music. wheee!

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