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Monday 8 September 2003

Mail from the professor

Hello--I've had a couple of requests for clarification of the assignment. This is what I'm thinking: wherever you may go from Wesleyan, you'll be dealing with musicologists and music theorists who have strong opinions about composers. Larry Kramer is very smart, well informed, very well known and respected, and a fine writer, and he and the others you'll be reading have points to make about composition and composers. So the idea is to have you take them on, one way or another, as you see fit, but with cogent arguments and well-chosen examples. Of course, you may think they're fine observers and can just extend their thinking with your own experience. But even though it might look like one short article for a whole week's work, take your time with the assignment and don't just toss something off Tuesday night. If you get interested in Kramer, check out his other books. I almost gave you his cultural studies reading of Ravel's "Daphnis and Chloe," which is quite entertaining, but he's really a nineteenth-century specialist (which might show).

Um, so i guess i need to do a rewrite....

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