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Thursday 23 October 2003

502 lines of perl code

and it still doesn't work

all i have to do now is figure out how to open a OSC receiver socket in super collider, parse the incomming arrays and handle the timing. the durations come in ahead of the pitches. maybe i should do a different thing where every other one is a pitch so it's /player pitch, dur, pitch, dur, pitch dur, etc. that might be better. it would be an easy change.

i think once i take the useless comments, the print statements and other debugging junk out of my perl program, it will only be 350 lines are so. that's a lot of perl though. and if you add up all the junk i already removed, i probably generated over 1000 lines, of which less than half are useful. that's depressing

anyway, i have the instruments to play already written.

i must sleep in the six hours before class. my project isn't done. i'm sure that welsyean will flunk me out over this and my as-yet still unwritten stravinsky paper

It was snowing outside a few hours ago. i hope it's warmed up. i knew i should have brought a warmer jacket with me

good god. snow.

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