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Thursday 6 November 2003

More Moo junk

My advisor was not particularly thrilled with my midterm project. he said it was more of a technical demonstration than a piece of music. he had many many many suggestions for insanely complicated revisions. for some reason, instead of doing important homework, I implemented one of these.

He said that setting up mp3 streaming (something i intend to do soon) would not build community, it would just sort of be out there on the internet. The way to get users excited it to allow them to run their own copies of supercollider on their own machines.

so are you excited? you can now download a copy of supercollider and use it to play the same sounds that you would hear via mp3 streaming but as somewhat higher quality. Instructions are located here:

For those of you who have no experience with the technology: you will require mac osx. download the software and then download my program. Start the software. Use it to open my program. At the stop of the program, you will see a single open parenthesis. double click to the right of the parenthesis. The block of code encased by that set of parents with be highlighted. Hit the enter key while the text is highlighted. NOT return. enter. Ok, something should happen. after it settles down again, go to the next open parenthesis below it. It's around a synthdef statement. double click to the right of that open paren and hit enter. the window that has text messages sometimes printing in it will say something like "a synthdef." Ok, now go to the next open paren and do the same thing to send the next synthdef to the server.

Now you are ready to run the program. highlight all the text in the entire file below the closed parenthesis of the second synthdef. hit enter. my program is now running. now log into the moo and register your ip address. (instructions for this are in the link above)

Isn't this much better than mp3 streaming?

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