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Sunday 9 November 2003

Tiffany is here!

Ok, so the moo -music thing is down. I had a power outage and that's what made me finally pull the plug, but also, it kept getting kicked off for being idle. it only works well if somebody logs in once a day and i haven't had time lately. also, my supercollider client thing has been crashing a LOT recently. i dunno why. it worked fine before (and thank god during) my presentation.

Ron now thinks that I should write a version of TF in supercollider, so it can play stuff directly.

Programming on the moo is really a horrible experience, btw. I mean, I want everyone to start logging on again (it's a good way to chat w/ me while i do homework), but writing serious apps in moo code is world of pain. the deleting of biglist (#13) in past years has hosed many of the set and list utils. or something has. I recently broke the property editor. I was logged in as a wiz and tried to @dig from @notedit. I'm hoping I can find out how to fix it, you know, when I have time. but the user experience is really great. really. it'll be even better after i finish this (blackbox) tf client.

Oh yeah, and tiffany is here!

she came all the way here to see me! I wish I didn't have to spend so much time reading and coding and going insane.

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