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Monday 3 November 2003

Sleep is a new religion

Those of you who have talked to me lately may have noticed that i sound kind of . . um . . . angsty. Those who have not talked to me may have noticed that I haven't posted much to my blog. So I got somewhat behind on school work and decided that I should spend more time being social, because I like to be social and at the same time I decided that coffee was the Best Thing Ever. Yeah, so I didn't sleep very much the last week or two. I'm not sure.

Yesturday I slept 12 hours. I feel mellow again. I'm quitting coffee as it is EVIL, since it temporarily allows one to go without sleep, when one should not go with out sleep.

So I think I'm more or less up to date on my school work. Everyone is still talking to me. I have memories of angst that don't make sense, but that's ok I guess; I think I didn't fling too much drama around, or not everyone would be talking to me. Um, and I have a purple mohawk. Well, it's clairol burgundy color, which is like a subtle brownish purple. I woke up from a strange dream and my pillow was missing. No, my hair was changed.

My advisor says that first year grads push themselves to the edge of a nervous break down and then become apathetic and stay that way for the remainder of their program. Maybe apathy is like a form of composer student nirvana? I don't actually care. Sleeping makes me feel so much better that I'm considering taking a nap.

Sorry if I dumped angst on you. Next time (godess help me if there is a next time), just tell me to sleep it off.

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