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Saturday 1 November 2003

Writing MOO themes

Ok, so my moo theme playing thingee works. it's not mp3 streaming yet, but it will be very soon. (i hope. depending on how hard it is.) why not prepare for the web radio launch by writing your themes now?


Notes look like "4c#3". the first number is the length of the note. '4' indicates a quarter note. '8' and eighth note. you can use any number at all that you want for the duration. bigger numbers are shorter than smaller numbers.

the 'c#' is the pitch. The '#' can go before or after the letter. You can't currently specify a flat, so use a sharp if you want an accidental. using sharps, is, of course, optional. note names go from a-g.

The '3' is the octave. the lowest octave is '0'. the highest octave is as high as you want to make it, but if you get too high, you won't be able to hear it. Octaves start with c, so the note below 4c3, is 4b2.

What notes to use? Just make some up. Or you could have your theme say something about your player or object in SolReSol. AOL_USER's theme is SolReSol for "girl, I want your body." seriously. Also, astute cell phone users will note that this is the same format for notes used by nokia, so you could go to a ring tones web site and copy some notes from a pop song or something

Adding the notes

you've got yer notes all picked out, now you want to add them.

@property me.theme "4c#3, 4c3, 3b2, 4c#3"
@chmod me.theme +r
That example puts a theme on your player object and marks it readable. you need to make it readable, or the program won't be able to read it. If you want to add a theme to some other object, just replace "me" with the name of the object.

If you finally hear your theme and can't stand it, you can change it.

@set smoothie.theme to "8a#2, 8#a2, 4c#3, 8a#2, 2d#3, 2f#3, 4c#3"

You could also write some verb to change your themes periodically. in the future, there will be support for a get_theme verb, so that you can modify your theme every time the verb is called.

More moo documentation

I have docs! check out

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