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Saturday 6 December 2003

too much excitement!!!!

Joan of Arc mentions the name of a song in line 13638! She orders the town to chant Te Deum laudamus! The name of an actual piece of music, for which the words and melody are known! Actual, real music! Not just, "Then here is a pause of trumpets. then the messanger says:" No, real, actual music that I can listen to. And right after that, "then, here is a large pause, etc" with musical instrument mentioned! Not only does it say what song to play, but how to orchestrate it! with bells and trumpets and loud voices!

And what does grove music say about this song? It has "been used as a processional chant, the conclusion for a liturgical drama, a song of thanksgiving on an occasion such as the consecration of a bishop, and a hymn of victory on the battlefield." there it is! A song of thanksgiving on a battlefield! As a part of a (nonliturgical) drama!

I'm going to go jump up and down now . . . or sing Te Deum

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