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Monday 16 February 2004

blogosphere does automated trend discovery in blogs. This means if a new phrase starts popping up in people's blogs, it will note it and provide links to the indexed blogs. So if you look at yeasterday, for eaxmple, you see a lot of variations on valentines day.

What's interresting, to me, is looking at terms related to gay marriage, which have popped up recently for obvious reasons. Every blog that they found that is talking about gay marriage is on the pro side. this means that either homophobes aren't smart enough to figure out how to blog (likely, but unfortunate, since they seem to be able to manage voting machines), or that the people who care about this enough to post about it are all pro. This means, that while the country may be split on the issue, those who really care about it (at least among the digerati) are pro. If this can be extrapolated to the general public, if Bush gets behind the evil anti amdendment, no antis will care about it enough for it to make up for his previous crimes, but pros will hate him for it, if they didn't already.

It is with mixed emotions that I look at all this stuff going on. I'm still pro gay marriage, of course. I'm also pro gay divorce. If we can go to Canada an enter into the bounds of holy matrimony, then it would be nice if there was a way to get out of it too. You know, should it become necessary. bleah.

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