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Commission Music
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Sunday, 15 February 2004

Hangover Music

Yes, I am sitting alone on a saturday night, on my computer. What's more, it's valentines day. I woke this morning with a wicked hangover, after really not having consumed that much alchohol. Or maybe it wasn't that bad, but it took me a dern long time to shake it. Deborah suggests that I didn't drink enough water.

Anyway, I woke up with the idea that if I made more accessible music, I would be more able to impress chicks. My noise music is not working for me in this regard. I know I used to have a techno-dance generator that was somehwat finished, but it was for MAX/MSP for os9. SO why not do a dance thingee in supercollider? This is why not. I'm never going to get chicks with music. In fact, I may have to lie and tell them I do something else. It might be better to pretend to be an English major or something.

I did nothing productive today

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