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Wednesday 25 February 2004

Open Mic

I played at a trendy bobo restaurant. (bobo is a word i just learned. It means bourgeois bohemian. I like this word very much.)

Anyway, so I got on "stage" and my computer wouldn't start. So I got back off stage and it booted fine. computers like to do things like that on stages. they get stage fright. It's troubling for them to have to perform on command. So some other guy played and I got up and played three tunes. One was Dance Tune for Marek. The other two don't have names. One involves dubya. The other doesn't. All the other open mic players were guitarists/singers, except for Deborah, the host, who played dulcimer and confessed to me that she felt a bit out of genre.

I had been joking that there might be A&R people in the audience. Maybe I would be discovered and signed by Warner Brothers new experimental music label.

while I was playing my last song, some guy came curiously into the room and then made a rock-on hand signal and left. Apparently, he works at the restaurant and is a DJ at WESU radio. He came up afterwards and asked for a CD, so I sent him to my website. I'll burn him some CD tunes later. Not exactly an A&R guy, but still cool. this would be my first non-pirate radio play in the us.

A while ago, I cast the I-ching and it said there would be advantage in every movement. There are some obvious areas of my life where this is not true, but outside of those areas, it seems to be the case. Things are really going well. I'm meeting with success in a high percentage of my endeavors. sometimes, this success is different than what I envision....

Oh, and last thing, some dood at the open mic said I sounded like a band called "Silver Apples" from the late 60's. Apparently they did stuff with early analog synths that was really unlike what other people are doing at the time. Which is cool. But it also means one of two things: 1. They are this guy's only forray into experimental electronic. or else, 2. I still sound like I'm doing analog stuff, even when working on the computer, which would be unfortunate, since analog gear is better for analog sound, but at least the computer is portable and just intoned.

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